Adopting a Ruykirag

This page will give you an overview of the adoption process we follow.

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Your New Ragdoll Kitten

Your Ragdoll kitten will be well socialised, accustomed to children adults and other animals,vaccinated, dewormed, and checked by a vet for health before it leaves for your home. Kittens will be ready for their new home earliest 12 weeks of age. 

All  kittens leaving our home come with :

  • Certified Pedigree or proof of registration.

  • Parent cats tested negative for HCM ( Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ) and PKD ( Polycystic Kidney Disease ).

  • Vaccinated.

  • Certificate of good health from a veterinarian.

  • Dewormed.

  • Purchase Contract.

  • Microchipped.

Requirements to Reserve a Kitten

Our Kittens are a part of our family, and as such we put a great deal of effort into choosing the right homes for them. We also set requirements upon our buyers if they wish to purchase a kitten from us, this includes :

  • Agree to provide all veterinary care necessary for the health of the cat.

  • Agreement to spay/neuter at or before six months of age.

  • Agree not to sell the cat or re-home the cat without notifying us first.

  • Agree to keep the cat indoors only unless supervised, on a leash, or within a cat enclosure until they are castrated.

We here at Ruykirags reserve the right to choose who adopts our kittens and can change our minds at anytime for any reason. Our Goal is that all our kittens will find their forever homes and live out their lives with a loving family. If for any reason you must give up a kitten from Ruykirags we must be contacted prior to rehoming.



Payment and Reservation

If you have decided you would like a kitten and we have one you would like to adopt we take a deposit to hold the kitten for you. The kitten you have chosen will then be unavailable to others for adoption. This deposit will not be refunded  if you change your mind. You will be refunded your deposit if the kitten you have chosen turns out to be the wrong color or sex advertised when you reserved. The prices of kittens is evaluated individually. The full purchase price of your kitten minus the reservation deposit must be paid before pickup if sending through bank transfer, or can be paid with cash upon pickup.

After a Reservation is Placed

After you have reserved a kitten, it is possible to schedule a visit with me to come view your kitten. You will also receive updates and photos of your kittens until they are ready to go home with you. All kittens will come with a date which they are to be picked up which is always when they have reached 12 weeks or older. If you will not be able to pick up your kitten on this date  you must contact me. It is also possible for me to offer transport of the kitten to you by car, train or with an airline service for the cost of transport, contact me directly for questions about transport.



Home with your Ragdoll

After you have brought your kitten home with you it is important to watch them carefully to be sure they have adjusted to their new environment. This is a stressful time for you kitten so you should be patient with them and give them a peaceful place to retreat to in your house. Your kitten will have a vaccination card that will give you a vaccine schedule to follow. The first revaccination your kitten will need is at 16 weeks of age or one month after they come home with you. You will also need to schedule for spay/neuter at your veterinarian before you new kitten reaches 6 months of age.We will be available to you for the life of your new family member for questions and guidance if you need it.