What is a Ragdoll ?

Ragdolls are a wonderful breed of cat created by a woman named Anne Baker in the 1960´s. Named by Baker for their tendency to go limp when held ragdolls are one of the most social breeds and often called puppy cats. Ragdolls crave human attention and don't do well when left alone. Highly intelligent they will often follow you from room to room and maintain eye contact when spoken to. One of the only cats who are bred for temperament, their personality is only matched by their beauty. Ragdolls defining outward features are their captivating blue eyes, sweet expression, rabbit soft fur coat, and large size. Ragdolls are a pointed breed meaning they have a form of albinism which is effected by temperature which makes the ragdoll a living heat map. This is what forms the distinctive dark face, ears, legs and tail you see in the ragdoll which first originated in the siamese breed. Ragdoll kittens are born completely white because of the wombs stabile warm temperature and develop their colors over the first few weeks of life. Full color on a ragdoll will not be developed until they reach at least 2 years old and is effected by the climate in which they live. In general ragdolls are a slow developing breed and full color, fur length, and size will not be developed until they reach 4 years old. 

Click here for a beautiful illustrated guide to ragdoll colors and look.

Who are We?

Ruykirags is a small home based cattery. I fell in love with the ragdoll breed upon the adoption of a little boy ragdoll kitten in 2016. Being a cat lover all my life this special breed of cat captivated me and I began researching every available bit of information I could on the breed. After a year of research (and convincing family) I decided to begin my cattery and Ruykirags was born. My goal is to first breed the most healthy and happy cats possible without losing the ragdolls unique beauty.

Cattery Information

My female cats live inside my home with me and divide their time between my main living area and a special area that was specifically built into my home for them. My males have an outdoor building built for them that includes an indoor area with heating  and outdoor access to a large cat enclosure.  All kittens grow up under foot and are right in the middle of the action in my home from day one, making them unfearful of a busy household. The health and happiness of my cats is my main priority and they are all given daily attention and care.