Ragdolls for Breed or Show

Here you will see the requirments to obtain a ragdoll kitten from us of breeding or show quality. We offer breeding cats to responsible approved catteries in any country and will help with transport.


Inquire about a kitten for breed or show

We only select a small percentage of our kittens for breed or show so if you wish to have a breed quality kitten from us you can contact to be put on our waiting list. To inquire you can contact us through our contact page here. Please give us some background information on you and your cattery along with information on what type of kitten you are looking for to add to your program.

Transport and Shipping

We offer shipping of breeding cats world wide through a personal courier. I also personally deliver kittens for breeding and show abroad. Prices vary depending on your location so any inquirines can be made on our contact page here.



Pricing on Breeding Cats

Kittens are evaluated individually and price will be different depending on type and pattern. Kittens sold to show and breed will be different prices than kittens sold only for breeding because of a mis-mark.