We have a litter now from our Gracie ( Aakres Ragpride Grace Kelly). This is Gracie´s first litter and contained 4 healthy and beautiful kittens. The colours and genders are below.

Girl - Blue mitted - RESERVED

Girl - Brown Lynx Mitted - RESERVED

Boy - Blue Mitted - Under evaluation for breed/show may be available later

Boy - Brown Mitted - RESERVED


We have no kittens available right now but are awaiting a litter in March. Check back for updates on this new litter.

Name : Ruykirags Birk

Color : Blue Mitted with Blaze

Sex : Male

Birthday : 01.12.201


Name : Ruykirags Camden

Color : Blue Mitted

Sex : Male

Birthday : 01.12.2018


Name : Ruykirags Chase

Color : Blue Lynx Point

Sex : Male

Birthday : 01.12.2018


Name : Ruykirags Caleb

Color : Seal Lynx Mitted

Sex : Male

Birthday : 01.12.2018


Name : Ruykirags Calvin

Color : Blue Point

Sex : Male

Birthday : 01.12.2018

Reserved for Anita

Update December 07, 2018

We have been blessed with 5 kittens born December 1 ! Photos will be added soon to show the kittens development. The possible colours in this litter are blue, blue mitted, blue lynx, blue lynx mitted, seal, seal mitted, seal lynx, and seal lynx mitted. They look to all be boys. If interested in one of these kittens use our contact page.

Colors for our 5 boys are now confirmed !

Blue mitted with a blaze boy

Blue mitted boy

Blue point boy

Blue lynx point boy

Seal lynx mitted boy

Name : 

Color : Seal Lynx Point 

Sex : Male

Birthday : 01.08.2018

Reserved for Anne

Name : Ruykirags Onnanoko

Color : Blue Tortie Lynx Mitted

Sex : Female 

Birthday : 28.05.2018


Kittens available in August from Hilari´s and Figaro´s litter. Pictures of kittens still available will be above. Kittens marked as reserved have a deposit paid and won't show up under available kitten photo gallery. Kittens marked on hold means deposit isn't yet paid but they are currently held for someone and could become available again later. Kittens marked under evaluation are being watched to see if they will stay in our cattery or potentially be sold as show/breeders.

Litter Born 28.05.2018 of Hilari La Mia Fortuna X Amayetas Figaro

Ruykirags Onnanoko - GIRL - Blue Lynx Tortie Mitted -SOLD

Ruykirags Otokonoko - BOY - Cream Point - SOLD

Ruykirags Akachan - BOY - Cream Point - SOLD

Ruykirags Sutekina - GIRL - Blue Tortie Mitted - SOLD

Ruykirags Tomodachi - BOY - Cream Mitted - SOLD

Ruykirags Kawairashi - GIRL - Blue Lynx Tortie Point - SOLD 


Summer 2018

This summer we are planning several litters so check back soon for updates!